Applying for the McLean County Diversity Project

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Applications for the 2017/2018 project year will be accepted from McLean County seventh graders Sunday, August 20 through midnight Saturday, September 2. No early or late applications will be accepted. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Before applying for the Project, please carefully read the requirements below. 

All Scholars are expected to attend our interactive training sessions. The focus this year is on the diversity of perspective. Scholars are expected to listen to the speaker and ask open-ended questions as a follow-up.

Most sessions meet 3-5:30 p.m.

Sunday - October 1: Annual Pizza Party

Sunday - October 15: Interaction #1

Sunday - November 5: Interaction #2

Sunday - December 3: Interaction #3

Sunday - January 21: Interaction #4

Sunday - February 11: Interaction #5

Sunday - March 4: Interaction #6

Friday, Saturday and Sunday – April 6,7,8: East Bay Camp Retreat
Sunday - April 29: Interaction #7

Sunday – May 6: Annual Movie

Annual Pre-Departure Meeting to be Set at a Later Date

Annual trip—to be set at a later date—international travel is possible

All students are required to do an individual or group project of their choosing and must complete their project by April 30, unless other arrangements are made in advance. All students who complete their project and attend the classes are invited on our summer trip.

If you can make this commitment to the project, click apply below.