Words from Jeff on Leadership

Arriving at a recent AMBUCS ramp build at 8am, the first thing I noticed was five people in attendance. So, given the size of the ramp, platforms and the not to be ignored code requirements pertaining to beautification; I quickly concluded that we'd be busy for quite some time.

Then I saw AMBUCS Ramp Building Chairperson Bill McHie's smiling face.
He told me that he believed this to be his 575th ramp, give or take a ramp or two.

Seeing Bill and following his organizational directives put everything in proper perspective.

Soon, several others showed up and along side Veteran Scholars Leon, Parker and Trevor, we put our collective shoulders forward and went to work.

We never looked back.

Five hours later, octogenarian Anna Mae could now leave and return to her home with dignity.

Don't you love to follow a good leader? A person who is selfless, entirely. A person in whom you can place your trust, without reservation. A person who leads by example. A person like Bill McHie.

Allow me to let you in on a secret; good leaders - effective leaders - love to be led. In fact, they thrive on it.

As long as they believe themselves to be in a safe zone, a zone permeated by trust; good leaders - effective leaders - make the best volunteers.

Do you think the Vietnam veteran and Bronze Star recipient that worked at that ramp build knows how to lead? I'd be willing to bet that he does.
And I will flat guarantee you that he knows how to follow.

Leadership. Its all about character, an ability to inspire: to succeed an outcome larger than one's self and for the betterment of another.
Its all about people like Bill McHie.

We will be featuring on our web site essays on leadership written by community leaders.  These 'leadership' essays are linked on the left side of this page for easy reference and will provide a powerful assist to those who intend to make a difference - for the right reasons.

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