McLean County Diversity Project Scholars

23 students have been chosen for the Project this year.  19 are returning Scholars, who were eager to return and were back because of their commitment to the Project and their individual achievements during the previous Project year.

Once again, we used an open enrollment and selection committee process to fill our "rookie" Scholar slots.  We are very excited about the diversity and experiences that our new Scholars bring to our Project.

Our students are of different races, religions, and backgrounds and come from both towns and cities throughout McLean County.  They range in age from sixth thru twelfth grades. 

We encourage students to share their experiences, so that they may not only learn with each other, but from each other as well.  Our training interactions, East Bay Retreat, and summer trip provide ideal settings for our students to share.

Our Scholars grow in their acceptance of differences by participating in a year-long training program, by completing projects that display the value of diversity, and by participating in a one-week summer trip.






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