Why We Went to Talequah

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Soon we’ll be off, a journey through time;
A trek overland, an odyssey through the frontiers of the mind.Beckoned by a whisper from a far and distant day, echoes from a past;
Over the hills and far away.

Why have we gathered, why do we go?
Daring to hope it will matter, will anyone even know?
Resolved beyond this day's horizon, should it ever come to pass;
A portage of ideals, a gift from the present to the past.

Pioneers are we, explorers of a different kind,
Braving the timid, secreted mind.
The pretensions of others, clear a path for us to see,
The enlightened society we desire to be.

Leaders are we, and the future we’ll be.
The promise of tomorrow, looms large as the sea.
Debate without rage, hope absent fear;
Wisdom to listen, courage to hear.

We appear to be different, would that make us the same?
Why must we struggle? Lo' the power of a name.
A spectrum of worship, colour, and hue;
Some with so many, some with so few.

We begin with: "hello, will you tell me your name?"
Its really quite easy, like playing a game.
We learn from each other, we soon become friends.
A collage of experience, must it ever end?

We share our wants, our needs, and our fears,
We open our souls, we shed a few tears.
Speak to me, and I’ll speak to you;
Show me what you see, gain me your view.

History teaches what eluded the wise,
We can do better, through a compassionate set of eyes,
And dreams bound only by the depth of the sky.
It all seems so clear, one’s thoughts to rearrange;
Staking our claim in the sands of change.

Our efforts unveil the good that can be;
A quest without end, only beginnings,
Can’t you see?
We’ve traveled so far, we’ve come a long way
Offering history’s gifts, from;
Over the hills and far away.

Mayor Jeffrey A. Schwartz
The Village of Downs

McLean County Diversity Project   c/o Jeffrey A. Schwartz   PO Box 58   Downs, IL  61736

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